Fall - To Do and Wish Lists

Fall Clean Up To Do List:
  1. Clean up raised beds - All plants gone by need to be pulled and composted. Tomato plants should NOT be composted.
  2. Blueberry Bushes - remove grass from marked area around bushes. Mulch with pine needles (still needed). (Needs to be marked first).
  3. Weed Stone Around Beds - pull weeds in area around raised beds and put weeds in compost pile. Scogin
  4. Shed - Clean up and organize (inside and out)
  5. Beds in Front of School - perennials need to be "dead-headed", weeded and tidied.
  6. Pots & trays - need to be cleaned, sorted, stacked and put away under gym.
  7. Winter Rye - after beds are cleaned up (but before it gets too cold) seed needs to be sown on enpty beds and lightly mulched with straw.
  8. Compost needs to be turned.
  9. landscape fabric needs to be disposed of