Harvest Festival

October 29, 2009
7:00 - 8:30 pm

Evening Events for the community
Classroom Connections

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The students and staff at the Rye Junior High school will be celebrating the completion of the first year of our community garden and the grand opening of the RJH library expansion with a Harvest Festival. The Festival is scheduled for Thursday, October 29th and will include (but not be limited to): a student luncheon feast of "food less traveled" including local produce and seafood; student created science, art, music, and literature related activities and exhibits; and a Contra Dance in the evening for students, parents and members for the community.

Evening Events

Join the Rye Junior High School Community
in Celebrating a Successful Garden Year
With a Harvest Moon Festival
Thursday, October 29
7:00 – 8:30pm

(Beginners are invited for a lesson at 6:30)
The festival will feature:

  • Original Artwork & Projects
  • Homemade Cider & Goodies
  • Giant Pumpkin Contest
  • Dramatic Scene from Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • Telescope Viewing - Check out the night sky! John Gianforte, the "Sky Guy," will be coming with his telescopes. You may also bring your telescope! If possible, bring a flashlight with red cellophane on it, to reduce the light pollution and allow your eyes to adjust to the dark.
  • Moon Rocks! We will have actual lunar samples on display in the library. Check out these "national treasures" and learn more about the moon.
  • RJH Library Open House - Join us for the grand opening of RJH's library expansion!
  • Community Contra Dance Called by Chet Celenza Accompanied by Ramona Connelly and RJH Student Musicians