The book Seedfolks has been broken up into chunks of 3 - 4 chapters. Each section was assigned to a group with producers, directors, writers and cinematographers. Each group will select characters, scenes, dialogue and images that they think are most important to include in the film script. In addition, groups will cast that section of the story with people from their group.

On Friday, May 15, in film class, the directors will meet together as will the producers, cinematographers, and writers. We will need to have a screen play that is consistent with our model, usable by everyone involved (actors, camera operators, directors, as well as people in charge of lighting, sound, props and settings.)

We will then need to create the story board (directors and writers). Actors will be busy learning lines and producers will be physically collecting props and costumes.

Ultimate deadline for film completion: Tuesday, June 9, 2009.
this is the best book ever